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Leave your driveway looking incredible

It is advisable to pressure wash your driveway about twice a year. Pressure washing is not just something you do when it starts to look beyond grimy, but a general maintenance procedure that ensures great results for years to come.

If you haven't pressure washed your driveway in over 3 months, now is the time!

Pressure cleaning is very effective & affordable way to make great changes for years to come. The process helps remove any loose dirt, debris, mold & mildew stains near the surface of your asphalt.

In addition to cleaning off surface debris for aesthetics, pressure cleaning can extend the life of your driveway for many years.

What can pressure washing do for my driveway?

Pressure washing can clean your driveway of rubber marks made by cars, dirt build-up over time and even dust buildup caused by long periods of no rain. By hiring Columbus Pressure Washing Pros, homeowners can not only have the benefit of a clean driveway but also experience reduced water runoff from their driveways.

Drainage systems can often become clogged, causing pools of water on top of your driveway that inevitably causes a build-up of mold and mildew which needs to be cleaned regularly.

Hiring Columbus Pressure Washing Pros to clean your driveway every 3-4 months will help prevent future damage and the need for repairs, especially with asphalt surfaces.

Would pressure washing hurt my driveway?

Pressure washing is safe for most driveways; however if you are on city water pressure it could cause damage to your home. If you fear pressure washers might cause damage to your driveway, hire an experienced pressure washing contractor like Columbus Pressure Washing Pros to assess any potential damage or risk before we start cleaning.

​How often should I pressure wash my driveway?

If you pressure wash your driveway regularly, it can extend the life and appearance of your driveway. It will also make any future pressure washing sessions much easier! If you pressure wash infrequently, build-up on your driveway may become stronger and more difficult to remove. 

Pressure washing is most effective when carried out at least once a year, or two if possible for optimum continued results.

What are some of the benefits?

The following are just a few benefits of pressure washing your driveway:

  1. Extends the life of the surface by removing stains

  2. Makes future pressure washing sessions easier

  3. Helps prevent cracks in pressure washed surfaces

  4. Removes oil, grease, dirt, mildew, mold & algae

  5. Helps prevent slippery surfaces

  6. Enhances the appearance of pressure washed surfaces

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