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Impeccable, lasting protection

Pressure washing a surface is a great way to clean away dirt and grime resulting in a clean appearance.

Whether pressure washing your home, driveway, sidewalk or patio, pressure washing can provide an aesthetically pleasing look that lasts for years to come.

Using pressure washing equipment is an effective way to remove dirt from the smallest cracks and crevices making pressure and hot power washing the best choice.

Sealing pressure washed surfaces not only increases the architectural beauty of brick pavers, but it provides them with increased protection from water damage and other natural elements such as dirt, plant growth, ice and snow.

Here at Columbus Pressure Washing Pros we treat paved surfaces with a surface sealer that is applied in thin layers, giving both color and life back into the bricks while protecting them from the elements.

Why seal my driveway?

Paver sealing after pressure washing is a much cheaper option than paver replacement, and results in a longer lasting look for your brick pavers. Our pressure washing and sealing process also has the added benefits of being environmentally friendly as well as a quick turnaround time.

Instead of having to wait weeks or months for work, our pressure washing and sealing process can usually be completed in a single day. Whether it's your driveway, sidewalk, patio or deck, pressure washing and sealing provides an effective way to clean those surfaces with minimal cost and upkeep while giving them lasting protection.

What are the benefits of paver sealing ?

Paver sealing is all about protecting your paver investment. When brick paving stones are first installed, it is advisable to have them sealed so that you can protect them against the elements. One of the best ways to do this is using high-end paver sealing products.

Now, besides helping to keep paving stones looking beautiful, what exactly does paver sealing do? Well, there are numerous benefits. Paver sealing helps protect pavers against stains caused by spills and dirt build-up that can't be swept away.

For example, if you spill barbecue sauce on a seal-coated paver surface, instead of staining permanently into the stone, the barbecue sauce would just bead up and wipe off easily, rather than being absorbed into the bricks. This paver sealing property gives you a lot more freedom. You won't have to worry about ruining the paver stone by spilling something on it.

​Paver sealing also helps waterproof paver stones, which is very important with respect to paver maintenance. If paver bricks are not sealed, they are much more likely to absorb water and expand due to moisture, creating cracks within the pavers themselves over time.

Paving stones that aren't properly sealed will be susceptible to algae growth as well because algae can eat through mortar faster than anything else.

This property of brick paving stones is why most experts advise homeowners who own outdoor brick surfaces that don't get routine paver sealing treatments to power-wash their pavements at least once every few years before the brick pavers start to break down.

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