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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Get that ultimate curb appeal

A roof is one of the most important aspects of a house because it protects all its contents from harsh weather elements such as rain, snow and sleet. Shingles on roofs are exposed to sun rays and rain which causes layers of dirt to accumulate on them. This can affect their durability, thus decreasing their lifespan. If not well maintained, this will result in leaks during heavy rainfall or snowfall, causing damages inside the home.

Pressure washing your roof regularly will:

  1. Extend its lifespan

  2. Help make your shingles waterproof

  3. Make it resistant to future accumulations of dirt and mildew

  4. Improve its aesthetics

  5. Increase your house value for potential buyers

What if I'm selling my house?

Many property owners are now getting their homes pressure washed to make them look well-maintained and attractive for buyers. If you're selling your house, the cleanliness of the roof can be a big selling point for potential homebuyers.

If you're not selling your house, it's still important to regularly pressure wash your home for the well-maintained look. Not only does power washing clean your property so that it looks inviting and vibrant, but it also helps you protect your investment by removing dirt, grime, mildew and mold, which can cause costly damage over time.

If you've never had your roof cleaned before or if it's been a number of years since you last gave your roof a good scrubbing with powerful equipment, don't hesitate to contact Columbus Pressure Washing Pros. We offer competitive rates for our residential power washing services.

We understand the value in having well-maintained properties around town and will be more than happy to provide you with a complete roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing service to get your home looking at its best before you list it for sale or before the next warm season begins.

Should I hire roof cleaning experts?  

Hiring roof cleaning experts such as Columbus Pressure Washing Pros is advisable if you are not certain of what to do, or do not have the equipment, tools and safety gear to get the job done safely and effectively.

You can check online for tips regarding how to clean your roof efficiently even without professional equipment, but we strongly advise against it.

If you decide to go with a pro, contact Columbus Pressure Washing Pros, as we offer roof cleaning service

s at an affordable rate. Naturally, you'll want to shop around when choosing a contractor, so here are some points to look out for (even though we're confident you'll end up calling us since we check all of these boxes!):


Make sure the company has liability insurance in case someone gets injured or there's damage to property during the roof cleaning project. Ask them to see proof before hiring them.


Ask about their equipment and tools used for roof cleaning because this affects the quality of service they provide.


How long have they been in business? How many roofs have they cleaned? Hire a contractor who has been doing this for many years and has an extensive portfolio of roof cleaning projects.


Roof cleaning done improperly, or by someone inexperienced results in the need to replace boards and shingles, leading to damage and replacement costs that are much higher than what Columbus Pressure Washing Pros would charge you. Ask about their accuracy rates.


Ask them for references and follow up with past clients to find out if they were satisfied with their services. You can read our customer testimonials on our about us page.

If you want your roof cleaned correctly without damaging it so it looks great for many years, contact Columbus Pressure Washing Pros today!

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